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Buy One,

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Completed Home Projects

Below are all the homes funded through Bethel Home's "Buy One, Built One" program since the team's launch in 2019.

Home 1.png

Funded Fall 2019

Raul and his wife Virginia have two children Alejandro & Nicol (ages 7 & 3). Because they have not had a home of their own, they have lived in the countryside picking up various jobs to get by. Raul has helped his father to farm potatoes, works as a driver in the city, and makes whiteboards to sell. They temporarily moved in with relatives in the city to be closer to Raul’s work, but the living situation has been cramped and uncomfortable. Saving money has been a challenge as they have hardly had enough for their basic needs. In spite of this, they were able to save for and buy a plot of land in Bolivia. The thought of saving enough additional funds to build a home on their plot was daunting. Now, they are very excited to live in their OWN home funded through Bethel Homes.

Home 2.jpg

Funded Summer 2020

Eliseo and Nenita have three children. Eliseo’s work requires him to spend much of his time traveling to Quechua and other neighboring villages. On top of this, he also works in construction in order to provide enough for his family. The “Buy One, Build One” program was able to fund the project for this family to have a home of their very own.

unnamed (1).jpg

Funded Summer 2020

Pastor Simon and his wife work among the poor Quechua, Bolivia. They saved up enough to purchase a plot of land for themselves, but did not dream of a home of their own until another 12+ years of saving. The “Buy One, Build One” program had the pleasure of funding the construction of a home for them.

unnamed (3).jpg

Funded Summer 2020

Adrian, his wife Ciprian, and their two children (Gariela and Josue) have lived in a spare room in their local church building. Adrian was given this room for he and his family to live in in exchange for night watchman duties looking after the church. Additionally, he and Caprian care for both of their elderly parents. They are impoverished, and had no hope for a home of their own. The church gave them notice that the room was no longer going to be available. They had saved up some money, but not anything near enough to build a home. In the midst of this desperate transition, the “Buy One, Build One” program’s partners in Bolivia connected with this family and decided to dedicate the next group of funds sent from Northern Virginia to bless them in their dilemma. Adrian and Ciprian decided to add what savings they did have to the project to have more home for themselves, their children, and their parents. They now all live under a roof of their own.


Funded Summer 2021

Cesar, Mirtha, and their daughters Maria and Lilian, have all been heavily affected by the pandemic. Cesar would work 12 hour shifts as a welder in order to provide for his family. As Covid-19 interrupted Bolivia’s economy, both Cesar and Mirtha lost their jobs. On top of this loss of income, the pandemic has made living situations very difficult as rent has skyrocketed. The family was able to purchase a small plot of land with their limited savings, but did not have anywhere near the money to build a home on it. Bethel Homes sent the funds through the “Buy One, Build One” program and funded Cesar and Mirtha’s home construction for them. Life is still complicated for the family as they struggle to get back on their feet in Bolivia’s depressed economy, but a roof (of their own!) over their heads has improved their quality of life and eased their financial burdens.

B1B1 Josue and Norma_edited_edited.jpg

Funded Summer 2021

Josue and Norma were married last year. Shortly after they were married their lives got hectic. Covid-19 forced them out of their living situation and destroyed their jobs in one fell swoop. They struggled to make end’s meat. At the end of 2020 Norma became severely ill and required expensive monthly injections to get by. They are both involved closely with their local church and have some community around them. Even so, life since their marriage began has been short of rest and stability.

Bethel Homes was connected with this couple and through the “Buy One, Build One program”, funded the construction of a brand-new home for them. Norma has completed her injections and is now feeling much better. With a roof of their own over their heads, stable health, and a better economy around them, we are hoping for a calmer second year of marriage for this dear couple. 

unnamed (6).jpg

Funded Summer 2021

Luis and Justina are taking care of 5 children (Norma, Abel, Abraham, Ruben, and Vidal) who’s parents had abandoned them. All of them live in a small room. The only way Luis and Justina make enough to afford rent in Cochabamba is by walking 7-8 hours a day selling bags of jelly. This affords them roughly 5 dollars a day. Bethel Homes “Buy One, Built One” program was honored to fund their home project for them and take the burden of rent off of this family’s shoulders.

image_6483441 (1).JPG

Funded Summer 2022


We've provided a new home to Florian & Karina and their children: Rosario, Nancy, David, Raysa, Rouse, and Miguel. Florian works at a carpentry shop in Cochabamba, Bolivia and Karina manages their household. Despite tireless hours of work, housing has been a challenge for this family. Some of the children have sought jobs due to inadequate living space. Now, they have a brand-new home together.


Funded Summer 2022

 We’ve provided a new home for Valerio Chura and his wife Marina. They saved for much of their lives to buy a plot of land in Bolivia. However, finding the funds to build a home on that land could have taken another generation of saving. Bethel Homes gave them that home now. They are now fully moved in, and their children Beymar and Yesenia are able to go to a good school; one that they would not have had the opportunity to go to otherwise.

Our Partners in Bolivia
and more about the country

The Holmans

"Here are some photos of families and some houses being built. 

Bolivia is the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, second only to Haiti.

The average unskilled worker makes a little less than $2/hour.

We require for the family to own the land before we build.

Most of the time, people have spent 10-20 years saving up for the land, and then need $3,000 for the house. When you earn $50/week and then all bills have to come out of that, you can see why it is pretty much impossible for them to have a home. Land is passed down to children with the hopes that they can build on it." -Joe Holman

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